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    SFDC Field Mapping

    Jas Jones

      Hi All,


      Hope you are all doing well.


      I am planning to sync the field "Created by" from sfdc to marketo.


      I saw this documentation. URL: Add an Existing Salesforce Field to the Marketo Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

      Does it mean i will just ask our SFDC admin to give our marketo us profile to editable and it wil lautomatically sync? or do i need to do some mapping on field mapping section?





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          Josh Hill

          That field may require special attention if it's an SFDC system field.


          The steps involve putting the field on both Lead and Contact, then mapping it on conversion. Then expose it to the Marketo user. It should just "work".


          You can also just sync it w/o the mapping, but that creates orphan fields in Marketo and you won't be able to target a single Created By field for smart lists; you'd have to use two fields.