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Activating the "Person Created" Trigger After 2 Hours

Question asked by c3aeed033da4c58b4bfe14e05841afdfe7109cef on Feb 2, 2018
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I've created an engagement program for leads who are below the threshold of a Marketing Qualified Lead. However when new leads fill out our forms, their status is initially entered as 'Nurture' and then after a minute or so updates to 'MQL'. I would like to exclude these people from being entered in the engagement program to begin with because it's skewing our numbers. My idea was to create a delay between when a person is created and when they're added to the nurture campaign but I was not sure whether the constraints I selected were right. This is what my triggers look like now. Can someone please advise whether the 'created in future after' constraint means the trigger is activated the specific amount of time after the person is created? If not, how can we implement a delay between person is created and person is added to engagement? Thank you!