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    Monthly lead score report? Help.

    Shelly Wilson

      This sounds so basic to me, but I've searched all over and can't seem to figure this out. I want to track lead score bands in Marketo. Example, MQL for us is 50 points. I'd like a monthly report that shows me how pre-MQL leads are progressing month to month. Example #new leads in database, qty of leads at 1-24 points, qty of leads at 25-39 points, qty of leads 40-49 points, and qty who achieve 50+ that month. How the heck do I build that, cause it doesn't seem avail in the default reports

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          Dan Stevens.

          This is very easy to do using RCE.  But you said "default reports", so I'll stop here ;-)

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            Valerie Whiting

            Hi Shelly Wilson,


            I've totally been down this road - and for those of us not blessed to have RCE are forced to follow slightly more complicated paths. This is what I would do and have done in the past for quick monthly reporting. Once you set it up once you don't have to do it again in the future.


            • Set up a Smart List for each status you want to check
              • If you want just the number of people who are currently in the status use the filter "Lead Status" is xxxx
              • If you want to know the number of people who moved to a specific status in the last month use the filter "Data Value Changed". Seen below and just set Attribute= Lead status, New Value= the status you are looking at (i.e. MQL, MAL). There is also a "Score was Changed" filter if you want to base it on Lead Score instead.

            save image


            • Build a Lead (Person) Report and insert each of your smart lists as a custom column.


            Now you have a comprehensive look every month. The key to this though is that the "Data Value Changed" filter only works for 90 days, so you can not go back too far and look at much historical data. So, we kept spread sheets that we updated every month in order to keep that data long term.

            I believe there are also reports you can pull in SFDC with this information, depending on your integration there, but that may also be much easier to pull. Hope this helped a little bit, let me know if you have any additional questions!

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