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One nurture, two streams in parallel rather than moving one to other?

Question asked by Shelly Wilson on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Grégoire Michel I'm trying to muddle my way through Marketo's functionality. This week I set up a nurture programme with 2 streams. The goal is to differentiate activity/engagement between two different audiences getting the exact same content. Stream 1 is for newest leads in database. Stream 2 is for the rest of the database. For both streams, I've set the trigger as 'received email', which is an email sent from a batch campaign (I created two emails with same content but different titles going to different audiences to trigger each respective stream). And then I've added additional filters to each stream's transition rules to achieve the segmentation I want (example, Stream 1 (new leads)= received webinar email for new leads, plus IS Member of previous new leads program, plus NOT member or previous 'rest of database' program. Stream 2 (rest of database)= received webinar email for rest of database, plus IS Member of previous rest of database program, plus NOT member of previous new leads program).


Then each stream is set up to get identical emails in same cadence.


Does that set up sound correct for what I'm trying to achieve? Can you use streams to send a series same content to two different audiences? Or do streams only function by moving person from Stream 1 to Stream 2?