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    Email Program vs Email Blast

    Nancy Rosenthal

      I have looked at the previous thread from 2015, but I was wondering if this is still valid?  It looks like you can create triggers for an Email Program, that would trigger on the email from this, i.e. clicked on email EmailProgramName.Email just like you can do with the Email Blast, and it even looks like you can do email testing similar to A|B testing with Email Champion Challenger, so I am just wondering if now, really the difference between these 2 types can be if there are different statuses defined for each of these types, the reporting capabilities, and just the means of doing A|B testing vs Email Champion/Challenger.  In other words, the distinction for only Email Program allowing for trigger capability seems to not be true with these 2 types.  Am I missing something?  To me it looks like you can have Smart Campaigns with all their triggers, filters etc. be associated with either of these types.


      Thanks for any clarification you might have here.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Nancy,


          Yes this is still valid. Of course, you can add all sort of assets and smart campaigns to an email program, but still, the program itself with its 4 steps wizard (target, email, schedule, validation) can only be scheduled once and is locked. It is quite disturbing for user to consider that an email program that is locked and seems to be over is in fact still in use because some smart campaigns inside it keep sending emails.


          Now, the email program has some interesting and unique features such as the A/B testing with automatic winner computation and a nice reporting.


          So the recommendation is still to keep email programs for unique email blasts (with A/B testing potentially) without any logic or other assets inside.



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              Dan Stevens.

              BTW, to avoid confusion, refer to the special "Email Program" as just that (or the "Email Send Program").  And then the traditional way - using smart campaigns to send out the email - would be referred to as a "Default Program" with email send campaigns included.


              In addition to what Greg said, the main distinction between an Email Program and a Default Program - especially from an A/B test perspective - is the Email Program includes a more automated process (over Champion/Challenger).  There are other annoyances that we've identified when using Email Programs (not to mention, you cannot use them in an Engagement Program):


              Re: Unable to unapprove email program


              When including smart campaigns in your program to track more precise lead progression (using program statuses) or to send out alerts of those that click a link for example, you need to be aware that the values that are used to refer to the email name within the triggers/filters are not always as straightforward as you might think.  For example, Marketo uses ".subject line test" to refer to the Email (rather than the actual name of the email - in this case "eDM - FINAL":


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