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    Thought-leadership event for Mkt Ops Leaders

    Diana Truong

      Hi San Mateo MUG!


      I know we always talk about best practices in our meetings, and I know we're not supposed to advertise, but I thought you might be interested in this thought-leadership event (disclosure: I work for LeanData and we’re a Marketo Accelerate partner). We’re hosting a luncheon during SaaStr on Feb 6 for marketing ops leaders to talk about best practices in lead management with execs from SiriusDecisions, Google, Bluewolf, and Cloudera. Megan Heuer (VP Research at SiriusDecisions) will also be speaking about how ABM has changed how we think about lead management. Other speakers include:


      • Menaka Shroff (Global Head of Marketing at Google Cloud)
      • Lee Davis (Sr. Director, Marketing at Bluewolf, an IBM Company)
      • Lars Nilsson (VP, Global Inside Sales at Cloudera)
      • Evan Liang (Co-Founder and CEO at LeanData)


      I think this is a great event for fellow MUGers to learn more about lead management best practices from the best of the best. Shoot me an email at Diana@leandatainc.com if you’re interested. We only have 50 seats and I wanted to offer it to the MUG members as I believe this is a great opportunity for this community.