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    SFDC Admin Privileges

    Andrew Zebulske

      I am going through and auditing my companies Marketo privileges and we have a few SFDC admin that have admin privileges in Marketo. I wasnt sure if there are any kind of best practices for SFDC admin in Marketo or if giving them admin access is the best way to go.



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Andy,


          1. There is absolutely no reason why an SFDC admin should also be a Marketo admin
          2. Limit the number of admins both in SFDC and Marketo. I see many cases where people have been granted admin rights because not real work has been done to fine tune the roles in Marketo (or the profiles in SFDC) to the exact needs of the users. The problem is that admins have too many rights (such as the possibility to edit and delete almost anything). Furthermore, granting undue admin rights is a breach of compliance in the EU and in the US (SOX)


          - Greg

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            Christina Zuniga

            I'm going through something similar in SFDC. When we were a tiny company, everyone wanted admin rights because they "needed rights to do XYZ" that only admins have. In such a small company, you have more control over training and everyone being in the same place makes it seem safer than it really is.


            Once we grew, we realized how bad this actually was, including the compliance issues that Greg is talking about. Or running into opt in issues where these groups do not understand legal opt in and they click those buttons - as admins they have that ability. Or overriding opt out - I now have to have an alert running to see if my colleagues are erasing opt outs! It's caused HUGE problems, but it's hard to take away something that people now see as a standard. I'd recommend to everyone to guard admin rights from the beginning but if you can't or you walk into the situation and it's already part of their expectations, then I'd say get your boss on board to back you up and deal with it quickly because the longer you're at an organization and let it go on, the harder it will become.