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Email Reporting Functionality in Revenue Cycle Explorer

Question asked by 87eb6d46d39ce33783b2218eb78088c2539c8276 on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by 87eb6d46d39ce33783b2218eb78088c2539c8276

We are wanting to be able to take a deeper dive in our email marketing reporting. Basically, we are wanting to be able to drill down into the email performance report and easily see not only how many people opened and clicked an email, but who those people are who opened and clicked the email, and when they opened and clicked. I know that you can see who opened and clicked by pulling smart lists, but that can be a very manual process, especially when you're wanting to see who opened and clicked multiple emails. I'm really looking for an all in one type dashboard view.


Does this functionality exist in the Revenue Cycle Explorer? We aren't currently paying for that option and I'm interested in knowing if the reporting capabilities of it would make it worth our while.