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    Asynchronous JQuery and lost analytics

    Emily Burnett

      Hi all,


      We previous had Asynchronous Munchkin tracking code in the <header> of our site and just a couple days ago I switched it out for Asynchronous JQuery (our site includes JQuery 2.2). We had been seeing sluggish, 2-part loading on Marketo forms embedded on site pages and load time has improved drastically since I swapped in the Asynchronous JQuery Munchkin code. But, when I check in Web Page Activity -> Report we only have one Person for each day since I updated the Munchkin code (compared to dozens the previous days). The entry page is also identical (/render2). I wondered if there was a JQuery version conflict but this thread seems to indicate that this hasn't been an issue for awhile.


      I'd appreciate any ideas or instruction!