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Email Predictive Content and How to Handle Subject Lines - Help

Question asked by Raksha Rathnam on Jan 24, 2018
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We're currently in the progress of scoping how we would like to utilize predictive content (Content AI) and its implementation. Right now we will only be implementing this for emails. My current understanding is that the actual predictive content will need to be an image in the email body which will be served based on Content AI's logic. However, is there any way to match up a relevant subject line to what's being displayed in the body of the email from predictive? My understanding is that we may need to use a very general subject line for all emails since there is no way to match these two objects up if the predictive content is variable. However, that seems like it may defeat the purpose and create a decline in our open rates. Is my understanding of this correct, and if so, is there a workaround to getting the results I want?


How I currently perceive the matching of subject line to predictive content working: One Subject line -------> Used across all predictive content being emails served.


What I would like out of predictive content: Many Subject Lines ------> Matched to predictive content being served


Would appreciate any insights or comments.