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    Where do I find our IP settings?

    Chelsey Davis



      I did not set up the Marketo instance my company is currently using, but I can't seem to find where our IP settings are located. When I click in Admin and look under Email, the Edit IP Settings is greyed out. I want to know if we're currently using a shared IP, trusted IP, or a dedicated IP (pretty sure we're not dedicated). Am I just missing something?


      As a second part to this question, if we're going to be significantly ramping up our email sends in the next few months, would it be best practices to move to a dedicated or trusted IP if we're currently using shared?





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          Chris Johnston

          Either your Marketo contract (dedicated should be a line item) or your AE/CSM rep from Marketo can tell you if you are Shared or Dedicated.


          I think most people would recommend having a dedicated IP. It allows you to control your destiny with regards to your reputation. Sharing with a spammer? You might run into blacklist/email deliverability issues through no fault of your own. 

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            Josh Hill

            Edit IP won't be active unless you have multiple IPs.


            You can ask your AM as Chris suggests. You can also send a live test email to your email and look at the Original headers to see which IP it is. I forget the exact info, but it is usually clear when it's a shared IP.


            What is your planned volume?


            Do you know your current reputation?


            How important is your brand image?


            Shared IPs may not be so bad for some companies. The challenge is a dedicated IP from Marketo costs a lot. Could be worth it if you manage it well.

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                Chelsey Davis

                Thanks, Josh.


                We currently send a handful of emails a day, with the most we've ever sent at around 300 emails...so nothing major just yet.


                We're going to be ramping up quickly and might send up to 250,000 in the next coming weeks, and this will probably be the regular going forward (maybe even more).


                Our current reputation is good I believe. In terms of brand image, we're going to be sending these emails on behalf of our clients, so brand image is very important.


                A few additional questions:

                Can you set up dedicated IPs per domain within Marketo, or can you simply designate an IP per workspace? 

                If we use another email provider (SendGrid) for the same domain and that uses a dedicated IP, would it matter to have another dedicated IP from Marketo? Does that impact anything?


                Thanks for your help!

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                    Josh Hill

                    Setting up a new IP will take a few weeks if you do it properly.


                    When you say "sending on behalf of clients" what do you mean? Are you an agency? Are you sure you want their domains tied to your IP? Lots of issues with that.


                    You can setup as many IPs as you want to pay for and use DKIM/SPF to tied domains to your instance. It's up to you how you want to manage by WS, but it's not tied to WS on the backend.


                    You can use multiple products on the same Domain, but not the same IP. You cannot tie SendGrid to a Marketo instance AFAIK.

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                  Steven Vanderberg

                  Whether you can get on Trusted will depend on your sending volume and reputation.  If you are sending more than 75k a month (or have hit any spam traps in the past year), you won't be eligible for the Trusted range.  If you send more than 100k per month (which it sounds like you may be ramping up to do) then your option will be either spring for Dedicated or stay on Shared.  If you want to know what range of IPs you're on now, Support can give you the addresses.