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Tradeshow lead list without email - ideas for enhancing/appending?

Question asked by 82f0e9e004b86b325df7250e858bb1c4f1125d5f on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

We often get lists from tradeshows of the attendees, and want to be able to contact these people. The lists generally have name, title, company - but no contact information. Often, we have some percentage of these people in our Marketo leads database already.


We know we can upload the tradeshow list into Marketo, but as the tradeshow list doesn't have email addresses, Marketo doesn't automatically deduplicate. So we would end up with duplicate leads of people we do have contact info for, net-new leads without email addresses that need to be appended with that info, and existing leads who are going to tradeshow but aren't on tradeshow list for targeted emails, etc.


What are the best ways to:

1) cross-match these lists to figure out which people on the tradeshow list are already in Marketo and deduplicate that segment of people


2) as we get contact info from other sources for the net-new folks, update those records? Ideally at scale - I know we can use "merge people" at an individual level, but what if any options for doing that automatically/for larger numbers are out there?


Marketo Nation, any ideas/advice??