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Salesforce lightning support for Marketo Sales Insight

Question asked by Pavan Khapre on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by f550294d11b1479120354ae19cba1426c592d2cf

We are using Marketo Sales Insight and planning to enable Salesforce Lightning. I reached out to Marketo support and they mentioned below Sales insight does not below features


Unsupported Features

Marketo doesn't support a few features of Lightning:

•    Bulk email sending - You can't choose a set of leads or contacts and send them an email at one time

•    Bulk adding of leads or contacts to a Marketo campaign at one time

•    The View in Marketo link on leads and contacts

•    The link to the Opportunity Influence Analyzer within opportunities


I want to know, if above features will be available or in road-map in any future release/upgrade?

Do you know of any article/post available with workaround solution for the list of limitation you provide?