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    Salesforce lightning support for Marketo Sales Insight

    Pavan Khapre

      We are using Marketo Sales Insight and planning to enable Salesforce Lightning. I reached out to Marketo support and they mentioned below Sales insight does not below features


      Unsupported Features

      Marketo doesn't support a few features of Lightning:

      •    Bulk email sending - You can't choose a set of leads or contacts and send them an email at one time

      •    Bulk adding of leads or contacts to a Marketo campaign at one time

      •    The View in Marketo link on leads and contacts

      •    The link to the Opportunity Influence Analyzer within opportunities


      I want to know, if above features will be available or in road-map in any future release/upgrade?

      Do you know of any article/post available with workaround solution for the list of limitation you provide?