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What is included in "was sent sales email" filter?

Question asked by Chelsea Stinnett on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Josh Hill

We use the MSI plugin for Outlook and DCRM and I've had some conflicting information about what is included in our reporting. First, we use the sales email performance report to measure the sales insight templates, and my understanding is this only tracks templates sent from DCRM, not Outlook.  Is this correct?


We also run a separate smart list report using the "was sent sales email" filter in past 7 days.  I want to confirm that this includes leads sent emails from DCRM and Outlook using the Send and Track feature. What happens if there is more than one recipient on an Outlook email? Is everyone on the email included in the filter, or is it only the first person on the email? I can't seem to find clarification on this anywhere. Thanks in advance!