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Custom Lead Source: SFDC LS Madness

Question asked by Christina Zuniga Expert on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Christina Zuniga

Does anyone else use a custom Lead Source field in Marketo, rather than the out of the box Lead Source field that connects to Salesforce?


I'm frustrated by the lack of functionality on SFDC's side - once a lead converts to a contact things aren't as easy to use. For example, I had a bunch of leads from before I had Marketo and the Lead Source was inconsistent and in some cases, blatantly incorrect. Since these leads have since been converted to contacts I can't update their Lead Source, Salesforce blocks that action. It's almost like it "stamps" the lead source when it changes from a lead to a contact and that's the permanent lead source. I can change it in Marketo but it doesn't reflect properly in SFDC which can be unhelpful for reporting.


In addition, when you convert a lead to an opportunity, it passes over the lead source to that opportunity. That's not a terrible thing in itself, but when opportunities are created based on existing accounts / not converted from leads, the lead source is blank. I haven't had a mechanism to fill that in (until recently) so people get confused about why it works sometimes and not other times.


Does anyone have a plan around these limitations that you've implemented or have you put into place custom lead source fields?