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Will engagement program dedupe a cast based on email address?

Question asked by 81d2968f8c7b247fbc8bd6fdeb7ac02df902026b on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by 24d7a935802c064e78e21a33923dbb665c75e246
I have an engagement program with content programs in the stream. My question is whether the engagement program cast will dedupe based on email address and allow only one lead with a given email address to receive an email from one of the content programs in the stream? 

For example: Say I have 5 duplicate leads with the same email address, is it possible that all 5 leads can get a different email (from different content programs in the stream) in the same cast? Or will the cast dedupe based on email and only allow one of the leads to run through the cast?

I know that a standard email send will only allow one lead with a give email address to be sent to, wondering if this functionality is part of the engagement program cast as well.