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    Form visibility rules not showing all values

    Supporto AdeccoB2C

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create a form with visibility rules and a rather large number of values/choices, and while during setup all seems to be working fine, when previewing the form and playing with the values it doesn't seem to show them all and I don't understand what could be the logic behind it.


      This is the form (http://candidati.adecco.it/Test_TecnicaMente_Test-LP-visibility-rules.html - on a test LP, it's in production so please don't submit it ); the strange language you see is Italian but don't worry, the only piece that is giving me issues and I'm asking for help with is the "Regione" (Region) field. The way I built it is this: when populating the Region field two more fields appear, "Provincia" (Province) and "Istituto" (School), and these two fields have values that depend on the value selected in Region.


      I don't know if it's because of the sheer amount of values and choices I'm creating (20 values/choices for Region that handle 110 and 115 values for Province and School respectively) but for some choices I don't see all the values I'm expecting, for example:


      Region - "Calabria" -> Province


      Front end


      Back end


      Region - "Abruzzo" -> School


      Front end


      Back end


      I double checked and can confirm that in the total list of values there should be everything, so now I have no clue where to look. Any help?



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          Sanford Whiteman

          You need to check again in the master list.


          For Abruzzo, the reason you see only these 2 values



          is that these are the only 2 of the 4 that are also in the master picklist with exactly the same spelling.


          "IIS A. Volta " and "IIS "DA VINCI - DE GIORGIO" " both have trailing space in the master list.  That's why they don't match. Same for the others.

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              Supporto AdeccoB2C

              Hi Sanford, you're right (as always ) and I feel kinda stupid for such a rookie mistake, but the strange thing is that the data came from the exact same source, and while fixing them individually I noticed that while there was a space sometimes just before the separator in the Visibility rules lists, the master list had the same space and another one at the end, like this (space between " "):


              VR list

              Displayed value" "|Stored value


              Main list

              Displayed value" "|Stored value" "


              is this something that Marketo does on its own or is it because of copying and pasting from Excel?