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Editing Landing Page and Template - Cannot add Header Elements

Question asked by a8254c2677e8ea805d26c5643fd81555937f8006 on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Frank Breen



We have a landing page that needs to have some html elements. Inside the template connected to this page, there is this section:


<div id="headerBottom-inner" class="mktEditable mktoMobileKiller"></div>


However, when editing the page in the visual editor, we cannot drag an html element into this area. Basically we are trying to create an editable <h1> tag inside the header. But nothing really happens: The element is created within the body, and cannot be placed in the header. Also, the template areas are not editable within the page editing facility.


Are we missing something?


Thanks in advance!