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Velocity script to retrieve latest custom object field

Question asked by 8b0562de0732dd67bda5a6b28329ccb467bf297b on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by 8b0562de0732dd67bda5a6b28329ccb467bf297b

Hi all,


I am currently having trouble trying to retrieve the latest custom object added.

As an example,


When someone lists their vehicle onto our platform a custom object 'Vehicle' is attached to the lead with a Listing ID.

I want to get that ID to use in a link in the email.


However I need it to return the latest custom object listing ID.


From researching i see that something like this will work, however I am trying to fit mine into it.


I am finding it difficult to fit it in ${Listing_cList.get(0).listingID}


  1. #if( $Listing && !$Listing.isEmpty() ) 
  2. #set( $firstItem = $Listing[0] ) 
  3. #set( $lastItem = $[$math.sub($Listing.size(),1)] ) 
  4. #end 



Thanks for your time and effort to read through