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    Special Alert Sending Question

    Ken Ungaro

      So I have 11 different emails that I am sending over an 11 week period. My sales team wants to only be alerted immediately after somebody clicks in ANY two or more combinations of the 11 emails.  I am at a dead end trying to figure out the logic for the smart campaign that would deploy the alert.  Does anybody have a recommended logic?



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          Devraj Grewal



          There are a couple ways you can do this:


          1. Trigger off of one of the emails being clicked (ex. Email 3) and also have the filter that another one of the emails must also have been clicked (ex. Email 1). The flow will then be to send the alert. You will need to create 11 different smart campaigns, each triggering off of one of the 11 emails and the filter including the 10 other emails.


          2. You can create a custom score field for these emails specifically. Have 11 different smart campaigns that will each trigger off of one of the emails being opened. The flow will then be to change the score "+1". The schedule will only allow people to flow through once. After the score has been updated to "2", meaning the person went through 2 different campaign and clicked 2 different emails of the 11, another smart campaign can send the alert.


          Also make a note that clicks in emails are not a foolproof measure of engagement, it is very possible the click activity was not from the actual individual themselves. See for more info: Email was clicked before it was delivered? It's a link scanner

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              Ken Ungaro

              THANK YOU for your reply Devraj!! So based on your first scenario, essentially what I need to build is a total of 10 filters across the 11 emails for a total of 111 filters?  Yikes, that was what I was trying to avoid.   The scoring option might be my only option at this stage.


              As for the "Clicks" definition, I actually identified (in a condition) each of the links in each of the emails that I am trying to track so no other clicks within the messages would triigger this smart campaign

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                  Devraj Grewal

                  For example one of the 11 smart campaigns will be:


                  Smart List:

                  trigger: "clicks link in email: email 3"

                  filter: "clicked link in email: email 1, email 2, email 4, email 5, email 6, etc." (list all emails except the one that is triggered)


                  When you bring in the "clicked link in email" filter, you can click the green "+" sign to add the 10 emails.


                  This will then trigger off of a click in Email 3 AND the person had to have clicked another email in the campaign.