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    Wait Step in Email Campaign

    Teri Thilgen

      Hi - have a quick question regarding the Wait Step in an email campaign...


      I set up and ran a campaign this morning where I have a wait step of 14 days included (and then the campaign will kick off a reminder email to those who haven't engaged with the first email send).


      My question is...now that the campaign has launched (this morning), can I go in and change my wait step to be a different number of days? Or, since the campaign has already launched this morning, will I not be able to change my send email send date?


      Thanks for any clarification (nervous about making a change in an already launched campaign).


      Teri T

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          Steven Vanderberg

          Changing the duration of the Wait Step will only affect new leads that run through the campaign.  The leads that already ran through it are stamped with the 14 days duration and that can't be changed.

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            JD Nelson

            Steven is right, obviously -- but it's always good to check if anyone is in the program yet -- sometimes you think it's active so you don't change anything, but turns out no one is in it yet and updating the date is just fine.

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              Veronica Holmes

              Is it urgent to change this, because I can think of a few ways to do it, but they're annoying and messy.

              1 - do what JD says and see if people are in the Wait Step

              2 - Assuming they are, go to the Campaign Members for the campaign and run a single flow action to add all the people who got the first email (and hence are in the wait step) to a static list

              3 - Run a Remove from Flow across your existing smart campaign members for the original campaign. This would get them out of the Wait Step. (Remove from Flow literally the only thing that can do that)

              4. Use membership of the static list to build a new smart campaign, send people the follow up by running the followup on the static list at a scheduled time rather than using the wait step. Remember to add the "If they haven't already received/opened/clicked on this email (whatever you were originally checking on) to ensure people don't receive it again.


              There may be a more elegant way to do this, but I can't think of any way that isn't messy...

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