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Token won't populate - keeps appearing as text

Question asked by 78370b57391b7bb1803ac1ac96361d184f0f0aa9 on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by 78370b57391b7bb1803ac1ac96361d184f0f0aa9

We used a Marketo email template to create our email and for some reason, the first token we insert in what would be an email signature line will not populate. It continues to display as text so for example we see this: {{lead.Lead Owner First Name:default=Sales}}. It doesn't matter what token we use; as long as it is the first token showing, it will not populate yet the remainder of the signature line will. We tried to troubleshoot with the customer service people but they haven't been able to determine the issue. Has anyone else encountered this? We are trying not to need to use a totally new email template so if anyone has suggestions of what to look for, that would be great!