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    Work overseas as Marketo consultant

    Huihsing Kiang

      Hi all,


      One of my old colleagues is exploring the possibilities to move to Asia from the USA and work from Asia (possibly from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan) as a Marketo consultant. She has about 2 years experience with Marketo and not sure if she should continue building her Marketo skills if she wants to move to Asia in a few years. Have you ever hired or worked as a Marketo consultant remotely or from overseas?  To my understanding, Marketo is only popular in Japan so I don't think she will be able to find a Marketo job locally in these areas. Will there be some companies/agencies willing to hire her and have her work remotely?


      Thanks in advance for your insight

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          Srujan Vishwanath

          With just 2 years of experience it's a little hard to find a Marketo job in Asia because there is a lot of competition for those jobs from India and Phillipines. Companies are always after good talent at cheap prices in Asia. So my recommendation for your ex colleague is to get themselves Marketo Certified and ramp up the experience level. Hope this helps.

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            Chris Johnston

            Australia is another bigger market for Marketo. While it's not Asia, it is at least a closer continent to consider. I would think given the experience gap, that trying to join an existing consulting firm would be the best bet. Maybe staying in the US for a year or 2 to learn and grow and that organization might be willing to keep the person on remotely in the future.

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              Josh Hill

              While Japan has the main Marketo office, Australia/NZ is the original Marketo presence there and several agencies and Marketo consultants are active. It may be possible to get a job with Marketo and then transfer (which I've seen happen).


              India has a user base for outsourcing. Manila less so, so the competition from there is less than you think.


              I recently had someone in China ask for help so there is increasing interest in China. Not sure they could get you a work visa, but maybe a longer term gig that would lead to something else.


              Best way to get out there is to latch onto global project or multinational roll out. I have also heard that Australian visa is possible with Marketo skills if you can get hired by an agency. Hoosh and Datarati were hiring at one pt.

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