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Vancouver Marketo User Group Leader Position Available

Question asked by Christa Watson on Jan 18, 2018

Amanda has stepped down as Marketo User Group leader, as she's taken on a new position at Brainrider leading demand gen and no longer has Marketo. She was the original creator of VanMUG, she led the group for 5 whole years and we'll miss her dearly!


But! That means there's an opening for a new co-leader in town! Basic duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up user group events, including themes, places, picking up food/brews etc, any equipment etc.
  • Working out speakers and potential sponsorships of user groups
  • Being a champ for Marketo
  • Keeping up to date with Marketo and partner updates and communicating changes during events
  • Manage the community group, as necessary


  • Some perks from Marketo
  • Being creative with our themes, something marketers are somewhat known for
  • Upping your brand profile
  • Exclusive invites to high profile networking opportunities and digital chats
  • Get to hang out with me! (May not be a benefit)


Ping me on the community, on LinkedIn ( or at if you or someone you know is interested!