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What's the effect of using the API to submit all form fills?

Question asked by Steven Musche on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

When Marketo went down a few months ago, we found ourselves in an unusual position where our forms were not rendering on our site. In response to this, my front end developer expressed a desire to transition to using the API to submit all form fills, which would allow us to continue to submit form fills in the event that Marketo forms go down. He also laments that Marketo slows down the rendering of our pages in general, and that removing the embedded form code from our pages will help significantly (we're talking milliseconds here, but I suppose every little bit matters). Lastly, this will allow us to control how we want to merge/create new records when existing users come into our system. Important to note that we do not use Marketo landing pages, and all of our Marketo forms are embedded.


My question is: how will submitting all form fills through the API affect the processing power of my Marketo instance? Our form fill volume is about 15k/month and fairly evenly spread out (with larger volumes coming during work days, but as a global company, those effects are limited). We also have a webhook limit of 50k per day and we're hovering around 1k currently. Are there any other concerns that I should be aware of here?



Thanks in advance!