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    B2B Marketing Operations Associate - Austin TX

      Job highlights here, go to the link below to view the full description.


      I am looking for a Marketing Operations Associate in the Austin area that has at least 1 year experience in Marketo (or another major MAP). This is a hybrid role between standard marketing ops and also managing the website. It's a very casual and fun work environment with lots of opportunity for growth and high visibility projects (look at our crusty website, we get to rebuild it!):


      • Develop, manage, and optimize automation program components, including: landing pages, email invites, nurture tracks, SFDC process, and campaign flows
      • Execute and streamline marketing workflows through automation, analysis and ROI reporting
      • Razor-sharp attention to detail with an interest in defining and improving operational processes
      • Manage website and drive engagement across various channels to establish brand’s position as thought leader
      • Work with Demand Generation and Sales to scope and build new processes to increase lead flow


      Apply here!