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    A/B Testing Landing Pages

    Leah Hurt

      I want to test the cover of an ebook on my landing page to see which gets more conversions. However, how do you avoid giving the user a bad experience if all your promo materials show one cover, and when they click through to the landing page, they get the B version of the cover? Then it won't look the same as it did in the promo material they clicked on. For example, if I send out an email that shows one cover and the landing page is being A/B tested between two covers, half of the people that click through the email are going to get a different cover on the landing page than they got in the email. Same if they click on a social post that advertises one cover in the image or if I promote the ebook on my website with a thumbnail image that is one of the covers. How do other people manage this when A/B testing visual elements like this? Thanks!

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          Josh Hill

          Your AB test should then be on the Email and not the LP. You would need two versions of the LP, but managed separately.

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            Keith Nyberg

            You solve the problem of giving them the right ebook by setting the form follow up to the TY page that matches the LP. But you would need 2 LP's, 2 TY pages, and 2 assets. Then you can choose to run A/B test on the main LP. You can test this in your email as well by cloning the email and having each email point to the respective asset LP or TY page that matches your email.


            LP1 > TY1 > Asset 1

            LP2 > TY 2 > Asset 2


            A/B test LP1 compared to LP2 and can test your emails the same way.


            Email 1 > LP1 > TY1 > Asset 1

            Email 2 > LP2 > TY 2 > Asset 2