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    Survey Monkey Expiration

    Andrew Zebulske

      I am looking at integrating survey monkey into Marketo but had a question I couldn't find any answers for.


      - Does the Marketo integration support limiting customers to one response per survey, and that limitation cannot be driven off cookies (i.e. customers can’t just switch devices and take it again). On the Survey Monkey website it say it is a feature but I need to know if that feature integrates with Marketo for sending (or not sending) reminder emails and things like that .

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          Sanford Whiteman

          If the SM results are discarded as dupes/hammering attacks, they shouldn't sync to Marketo. Haven't specifically tested this feature, though.

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            Veronica Holmes

            Hey Andy - I used to use this connector extensively. I wrote an initial response here but then I re-read your question.


            Your question seems to imply that the reason you want this is to prevent Marketo from sending reminder emails etc for fillouts if the survey is already filled out. This can absolutely be done. Part of the point of the connector is to allow you to take action on surveys being filled out and on individual survey responses.


            When the survey is filled out SurveyMonkey sends the answer through the connector in the form of either field data or a custom activity (you choose these days). If you use the custom activities option, which is what I'd always recommend, it gives you a "Filled Out Survey" Filter and Trigger, and you could use it to check if a survey has been filled out to prevent sending emails, reminders etc to take the survey.

            If you need my "everything the SurveyMonkey connector does" documentation that I've written just follow me, we can exchange emails and I can send this to you.