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Preference Center Selections Not Showing Up

Question asked by Trinity Levenson on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi,    Anyone have any ideas about this issue? 


Our subscription preference center which BTW, is getting a proper over-haul soon, is displaying strange behavior in that when a visitor makes a selection, (the preferences are checkboxes on the form), and then comes back to the page later, the selections (checkmark in the checkbox) has disappeared.   Yet the database has the correctly recorded answer.  Most if not all these database fields on the form are String, and the value writes "yes" and I can see in my own lead record "yes" to a few reports yet when I come back to the page all the selections are cleared.  This is happening to most everyone at CME, customers, and across different browsers. 


Our browser DNT settings are not enbabled, we do have enabled "support" for Munckin DNT.   Now, I know our network has some of the most rigorous security standards, but this issue just started happening a few weeks ago.     I have a week and a half old support ticket open with Marketo...would like to get this fixed asap.  Help is greatly appreciated!


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