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    How can I tell if I can grab tokens from a folder?

    Jerry Toledo

      Hi there,


      I'm digging into Marketo Asset database rest API. When I'm looking into Tokens endpoint, I noticed that the endpoint is in the format of:

      GET /rest/asset/v1/folder/416/tokens.json?folderType=Folder or Program

      So I first tried to retrieve all folders through:

      GET /rest/asset/v1/folder/{id}.json?type=Folder

      and grab some folder IDs there.

      However, I see some of the responses shows an empty array of tokens for the specified folder, some return an error message like the following:


          "requestId": "15120#160fcb71012",

          "success": false,

          "errors": [


                  "code": "709",

                  "message": "50 Folder not found"





      I'm pretty sure the folder id exists because I copied it from 'Folders'

      So does anyone know why the folder was not found?