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Mon-Fri Wait Time Question

Question asked by f3c13feddb1fd613cd08ab3f527c498a1b98b644 on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Ankit Dua

Hi all,


I'm looking for some clarification on advanced wait steps - specifically, a Mon-Fri duration wait step.


I have a campaign which uses '1 month' as an interval.


As I understand it, that means the email will be sent on the same day of the next month (i.e. if the first email was sent on the 1st Feb, the second one would go on 1st March.


The problem: Using '1 month' intervals means that send days could fall on a weekend, which I do not want.


The solution: Is obviously to use Mon-Fri, so that weekends are avoided.


My question: That's all well and good, but say the wait time elapses on a Saturday. Does that then mean Marketo will wait until 00.01 on a Monday morning to send my email, or will it respect the actual send time of the original email (I have contacts in various time zones, so respecting initial send times is vital for delivery).


For example: If Email 1 was sent at 14:00 on Thursday 1st March, waiting 'One month' would make Email 2 send date as Sunday 1st April at 14:00. With Mon-Fri enabled, would Email 2 then be sent out at 14:00 on the Monday after the wait time has elapsed, or as soon as the clock hits 00.01?


If i'm not being clear, please do tell me!