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    Difference between updated and timestamp in list

    Jonathan Silvers

      I want to know when users opened an email that they received I've created a smart list of users who have opened the particular email, but it's unclear if there's an "open timestamp." In the default report view, I see a column titled "Updated" but cannot find a definition for what that means -- is that first or most recent time a user has opened the email? There's also a hidden field called Reporting Timestamp, but it's unclear what info that it's displaying for some of the users.

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          Josh Hill

          Updated or Updated At means the last time the record was modified.


          Open timestamp would be in the log and you can access it on the Opened Email>Date of Activity


          It will NOT appear in a smart list column unless you use a data flow to stamp a new field. Not sure you would want to do that given the volume.

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            Keith Nyberg

            Hey Jonatham

            The field "Updated" refers to the last time the record was modified in Marketo (last time the record was modified). Really, there is nothing OOB that will let you see the last time they opened an email in the list view.


            Is there a reason the time the opened the email is relevant to you?


            Some options include:

            • Creating a custom field for last opened email and appending this value with a timestamp (not great to build a field for single time use so last opened date may be better long term but wont be specific to any email)
            • Created an email performance report in RCE filtered on your desired email with the columns set to open hour/day/week (depending on what you need to see) and display the Email address to know which records fall where in time. (kinda clunky)


            Are you able to shed any light on what you are using the open information for? May help with recommendations.



            Keith Nyberg