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    Country IP vs. field data for double opt-in

    Macarena Mazzeo

      Hi All,


      There are a number of countries that require double opt-in. In order to know which country the person is, we use a country field. Given the scenario the country in the country field and the country captured by the IP address are different and require different opt-ins (one single opt-in and one double opt-in) which one prevails? I would think the one captured by the country field, but wanted to hear your thoughts.



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          Keith Nyberg

          Hey Macarena,

          I honestly wasn't very keen to add a country drop field to our forms, but our legal team asked that we do this.


          Reason being is whatever is selected in that field, is what the user is defining as their country and should be respected over where they are located based on IP at the time of filling your form.


          Ex:// I travel to Germany for work but am a US citizen. I would still put US as my country but the IP would track me as German.


          So we are using the country field as it is selected by the user and not using inferred country information for our DOI processes. Again, because this is where the user told us they were, not were we assumed they are located.


          Hope this helps.

          Keith Nyberg

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              Eric Price

              Hi Keith

              I am curious about your experience with adding the country field drop down to your forms. Have you noticed any negative impact? Do you know how many people are selecting a country versus using the inferred GEO?


              Here is why I ask: I was thinking of having a field that auto populates on the form saying something to the effect of "your location is" [ Germany ] etc.  Then having some text saying if this is incorrect please select your location from the drop down box.  I was also thinking of having an icon with hover text 'why are we asking for this information?' etc.


              Any thoughts on this approach? Thanks in advance!