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Marketo Migration from Pardot - Order of Operation Best Practices

Question asked by Brian Hansford on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Lisa Heay

Hey folks -


For anyone who has successfully migrated from Pardot to Marketo - what were the order of operations steps you followed, or would recommend following?  We have a few caveats where Pardot is still running but we need to start the Marketo "build" for the cutover to Marketo. There are some issues like creating new fields in Salesforce, or doing it 'wrong' and creating the desired new fields in Marketo first, while Pardot is still running.  Ideally we would create the fields in SFDC first and have them auto-created when we integrate with Marketo.  But if we create new fields in SFDC and not Marketo, we can't start building programs for the cutover date... (the fact that it's Pardot really should NOT be an issue. Too many people seem hung up on "I don't know how Pardot works".  The order of operation is the big question.)


Lots of chicken and egg. 


Marketo support/services seems stumped by this, which is greatly disturbing since competitive migrations happen all the time. 


Curious what you learned or found to be best practice.