Allison Proehl

Missing Feature: Updating Acquisition Program on Old Records

Discussion created by Allison Proehl on Jan 12, 2018

This has been a major issue for my team and I these last few weeks. Our goal was to reorganize our channels and update Acquisition Program for a bunch of records to reflect this. We ran data value change steps and even tried to do mass updates via SalesForce data loader to little success. Our Acquisition Program updates in Marketo but it doesn't push to SalesForce. (All of our sync privileges are open). On the SFDC data loader side, the record might update for a few minutes but then it immediately resorts back to its old value.  We managed to come up with a haphazard fix where we update a second field along side the Acquisition Program field. This works...sometimes. If that field has ever been used previously, Acquisition Program won't update. It's extremely frustrating updating and re-updating lead information only to learn that it didn't stick. According to Marketo Support: since this information is being updated after the record is created in Marketo by the Change Data Value flow action, it's falling outside of the normal automated processes that are in place.


We've talked with Marketo Support in-depth, and they have basically told us they are aware of the issue but don't have plans to fix it any time soon.  I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this issue as well.