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Email Program Data Inconsistency

Question asked by ba1b37c282f5c76ba583d05a1df7b54a919cfed5 on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by ba1b37c282f5c76ba583d05a1df7b54a919cfed5
I am wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before or could offer any advise on what I am doing incorrectly:

I sent out an A/B test yesterday for an email program at 1PM yesterday. While looking through the email program results this morning, the dashboard notes 9 opens/2clicks fro Email B and 0/0 for Email A and the summary notes 0clicks/0 opens for both emails. The data is contricting. I figured I'd create a smart list in order to pull the data, but it looks like since this is within a 'email program' I cannot pull the opened/clicked data for the emails individually.. 'email A' and 'email b' do not appear under the 'email' search. 

We typically use the 'default program' to send our weekly campaigns. This is our first time using a 'email program' so maybe we are doing something wrong here. I contacted Marketo support and the rep left this inconclusive and unfortunately was not helpful or very interested in helping either. As I really want to get the remainder of the email program sent out today, any help/advice is greatly appreciated.