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Using Filter & Trigger in Smart List, how it works?

Question asked by Coonic Agency on Jan 10, 2018
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Hey everyone!


Im new in Marketo and I have a doubt about using filters and triggers in a smart list to make a smart campaign!

I want to set up the smart list  and  the current smart campaign like that:


Trigger - Fills Out Form - Form is - PyraCloud Contact Form

Filter - Not fill out Form - is - Request Demo Form


My idea is to send an email for those Leads who fill the PyraCloud Contact form and made the download of the ebook, but they didnt finish the flow and they didnt go on to the CTA of the ebook that is redirecting to the Request Demo Form. That is why I pretend to send an email with the CTA of Request demo Form for those Leads.


I dont know if I have to set up the smart campaign with other filters or triggers like "visits web page" or "not clicked link on web page".


If anyone can help me I would appreciate it so much!