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Multi-select SFDC field sync to Marketo creating different values

Question asked by Devraj Grewal Champion on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Victoria Chu

Hi Community,


I have a multi-select field in SFDC entitled "Job Function" and in SFDC the values are listed in alphabetical order like this: "Executive; Operations" or "Finance; HR". However, when that field is synced to Marketo, some records have the value "Executive;Operations" and others have "Operations;Executive". I attempted to mass update all of the "Operations;Executive" to "Executive;Operations" but every time the sync occurs, the value is reverted back to "Operations;Executive". "Finance; HR" syncs over in the correct alphabetical order, so some combination of values must lead to the issue.


Any idea as to why this is? It is making filtering by this field difficult since I need to accommodate two different values.