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Acquisition Reporting in SFDC?

Question asked by Delwin Ng on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by a3a88be1ced55d2d37f2cfa819cd4f4fe8a6b2bc

Hey Marketo folks!

Do you guys do any Acquisition Reporting reporting in SFDC? The value comes across in SFDC but I'm trying to figure the best way to report off it. I want to do things like find out what channels (SEM, SEO, Social,etc.) are driving lead acquisition. It is just a string so I can use a naming convention. That's not a horrible idea but I don't like using filters that use the contains operator because sometimes that same thing will exist in a different words. I could also create additional fields like "Acquisition Program Channel" and then set those values when I set the Acquisition Program but that is an additional step whenever I create those Acquisition Program smart campaigns and it is enough to create those already.


Any thoughts out there? Thanks.