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WebEx Loading Issues

Question asked by e6d34f261a6a044e7cb2b82c9a5d40b98125b4de on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Keith Nyberg

I use the Marketo/WebEx integration and over the past two weeks I've held three webinars. Each webinar results in a few (about 2-10 out of 150) registrants emailing me that they can't login to the webinar when they click the "Join Webinar" link - which uses the webinar token {{member.webinar url:default=Join Webinar}}.


Each registrant informs me when they try to join the webinar, WebEx starts but won't load past 10%. I called WebEx support but they weren't much help. They only suggested that I recommend having the registrant try launching in a different browser, or clearing their browser history.


Has anyone else experienced these WebEx issues?






loading past 10% for me