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Splitting a send

Question asked by 23731030c2543358533ca6749058d1aa93d9af6e on Jan 10, 2018
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I'm looking at creating a 'nurture' campaign but cannot find out the process.

I have a campaign containing 4 emails. A list of circa 3700 leads.

And i want to split that list into 4 so the 4 emails go out to the list, the first 25% of the list get email 1, second 25% get email 2, the third 25% get email 3 and the 4th 25% get email 4.

Then at a second date i want to use the same rules but move it along 1 so the 1st 25% of the list now get email 4, the second 25% now get email 1, the third 25% now get email 2 and the forth 25% now get email 3.

This continues over 4 sends so every contact over the duration gets sent every email - all four.

So my question is, is this possible in MArketo? I have been looking through many resources but so far... no joy.

Is anyone able to assist me?

Many thanks.