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    ON24 Content Gateway and Marketo

    Alexis Shamsi Hughes

      I'm interested in connecting with other Marketo users who use ON24 to understand how you're leveraging your Content Gateway.


      What have been your experiences, and do you have any recommendations for making full use of its increasing functionality (hosting videos, PDFs, content engagement analytics, etc.)?

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          Kaitlyn Simko

          Hi Alexis,


          I have used the content gateway to promote both live and on demand webinars.  I have not tried hosting PDFs.  We embedded the gateway on the company website (I recall the developers saying that this was a pain) and it was an effective way to drive registration and extend the life of webinars past.. What I did not like about the gateway was that it was difficult to organize. When I used it, it organized by date.  So, If you run a weekly demo the gateway will look repetitive.  That is the only main complaint I can think of right now...Make sure to take each webinar off the gateway as soon as it happens or else there will be old webinars on your upcoming tab.  On24 is great because of the LaunchPoint and the ease of hosting simulive webinars.

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              Casey Dingman

              Hi Kaitlyn,


              We are in the process of setting up the On24 gateway, I am curious as to how you set up your event programs in Marketo to watch leads that consume the On-demand webinars that would be in the gateway. Normally our programs are triggered by a form fill, the way i understand the gateway is that there is one form to enter the gateway and then they can engage with anything inside the gateway without an additional form submit. Through the Launch Point On24 connector syncing with each unique event ID i understand that when someone engages with a live or ondemand webinar that data will be pushed to Marketo. As the gateway is a bit different that the normal Webinar event program where we push leads as registered to On24 then post webinar it pushes back attended or no show, does On24 just push the leads back as "Attended" completely bypassing the Registered status? Just curious to hear your feedback as having used this in the past.


              Thank you for your time.

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                  Christina Zuniga

                  We don't use Gateway at this time, but I have the same question as Casey. How is ON24 sending the data back to Marketo so you can record the webinars that people chose to watch without individual forms?

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                    Kaitlyn Simko

                    Hi Casey,


                    The On24 portal will push leads into your Attended smart campaign and like you said, they will bypass the registered status and go straight to the attended status.  In the attended flow, you could potentially add Portal registrations to a Portal Processing static list, then request a separate processing campaign (to stamp them with lead status, lead source, registered and attended SFDC member statuses, etc.) and remove those leads from the standard Attended processing campaign. Or you can just add all of your processing steps into the Attended campaign.  You can then report on the static lists or SFDC member statuses, rather than program status.