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Waterfall Metrics that are accurate

Question asked by Michael Collins on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Rob Cummerson

Hi there,

I've been looking into waterfall metrics (Known to MQL to SAL as examples) for some time now and am pretty sure I know where to find the data. The thing I struggle with is the timing of things. For example, we usually report on the current qtr and the previous if I say that we generated 100 MQLs in the previous qtr, I can't say that x% converted to SALs because I'm looking at static datasets in Salesforce. It's not accurate to include a conversion rate % because the number of SALs I can see didn't all come from those initial 100 MQLs, they may have come from MQLs generated in previous what's the best solution here to see an accurate conversion metric % which can then be used for reverse waterfalls?


Very simply all of the docs seem to say you have 100 MQLs, and 10 SALs, so that's a 10% conversion rate, but that simply isn't correct. And if I ONLY look at conversions coming from the initial 100 MQLs then I am constantly saying that Marketing is underperforming - 100 MQLs generated this qtr, of those 2 became SALs in that same reporting period, hence my conversion metric % is 2%...


Any bright ideas?