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    Moving leads between streams

    Carla Cabaceira

      Hi everyone,

      I'm creating a nurture with 4 emails ( Email 1; Email 1b; Email 2 and Email 3)

      Criteria: if a lead doesn't open Email 1 in a time frame of 3 weeks we need to send them the same email using a different subject line. If they interact with email 1 they will receive email 2 after the 3 weeks and 2 weeks after they will receive email 3.

      To accomplish this I have created 3 streams:

      Stream 1- sends email 1

      Stream 2 -if email 1 is delivered add to stream 2  if they didn't open email 1 they will be sent to stream 3.

      I have tested with 3 different emails and the email that didn't open email 1 didn't received email 1b.

      I have attached some images- Please do not worry with the cadence I'm showing in the images as I'm currently testing and have everything going out everyday.

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Can I send a lead from stream 1 directly to stream 3 by skipping stream 2?

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          JD Nelson

          Flow step 1 & 3 are conflicting. To use transition rules you determine what "pulls leads into that stream" -- therefore you don't need to specify 'add to engagement program' because you're already changing their status in step 1. This does mean that you'll need to re-map your criteria since this won't actually put anyone in stream 3 (you'd need a transition rule there, for that too).


          Now -- you can likely keep this same criteria if you run an outside SC instead of using the transition rules as it's a bit more intricate. Try that and remove the transition rule.

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