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How to stop a lead who is a member of one engagement program being automatically placed in another

Question asked by ee6c60b37a07d0c76ec1d1e1bb8b2d5ae410fbfb on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Keith Nyberg


I have two types of engagement programs set up in Marketo:


1. Generic Campaigns that have been set up with an automatic recurrence of adding new leads based on a 'Course Interest' description when the lead fills out a desired form.

2. Specific Campaigns that have been created especially for leads generated through Facebook Advertising (I manually place the Facebook leads into these campaigns).


Say a lead is obtained through a Facebook ad and I add that lead to a specific engagement program. Once a 'Course Interest' is attached to that lead, I'm finding the lead also gets automatically added to the other generic engagement program, which results in the lead getting sent two emails instead of one. 


Is there a way for the lead not to be automatically added to another engagement program if they are already a member of one?