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"Request A Demo" Opt-In on Form: Program Best Practices?

Question asked by Spencer Phillips on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Spencer Phillips

Hello Marketing Nation,


I am launching a gated white paper, and I recently received feedback that the form needs a pre-check check box, with the copy "Contact me to schedule a demo" next to it to opt people in.


After researching the product docs, and the marketo forums, I was not able to find documentation on how to best build out the necessary programs to capture and store this data. I guess you could call it a "subscription center."


The end goal is to have sales follow up with the people who leave the box checked, as they are hand raisers.


My questions are as follows:

1. On the form, which Marketo form field is "best" for this scenario or does this require a new, custom form field to be built?

2. What is the optimum program set up (smart list and flow steps) to effectively track people who leave the box checked and ensure that sales gets alerted (I already have a Request A Demo campaign - would it be to add those people who leave the box checked into my "Request A Demo" campaign?)


Thank you,