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Web Designer Role not having privileges.

Question asked by Justin Eichelberger on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Justin Eichelberger

My Web Designer role has been acting wonky.  It's not localized to a particular user.  I've tested it out on dummy accounts.


The role has full access to edit, approve, and delete emails in the Design Studio.  However, when you click on an email, then click Preview Email, it will pop up an alert saying you don't have privileges to do that.  You click Close and it continues on as if nothing is wrong.  This is everytime.


This is also happening on  a more infrequent occurrence when you attempt to Edit Draft.


I've tried updating the role, clearing cache, logging out, other accounts, and even standing on my tiptoes while clicking it.  Nothing works.


I noticed a similar thread regarding the SEO link.  But that has no resolution from users or Marketo.


It's not affecting our work, but it's annoying. 


What say ye, community?