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Issue when cloning programs with local forms included

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Dave Cunningham

We have a comprehensive library of program templates that are used as the basis for any new program across our 23 country workspaces.  Each program has been carefully created and tested to ensure the program will be able to be successfully cloned to other workspaces (no references to assets (emails, landing pages, forms) in design studio; no references to workspace-specific smart lists; etc.).  This allows us to have a very scalable Marketo environment without having to re-create every program from scratch each time.


Yesterday, a member of my team couldn't clone one of the event programs - she received the following error:



This came as a surprise since we've always been able to clone this program template in the past.  When I opened a support ticket, I was informed of the following:


The issue comes down to the forms, which is the Registration Form and the Event Registration LP which has a form on the landing page. Forms do not transfer from workspace to workspace and must remain local to the workspace they reside on. The way around this would be to delete the form and disassociate the form from the landing page, then clone the program to another workspace, then create forms in that workspace for the landing page.

Unless Marketo changed the architecture/restrictions on program cloning, this simply is not true.  As long as the form is local to the program (just like emails and landing pages), there has never been an issue with cloning. Just out of curiosity, are others having cloning issues like this?