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Capability of API Calls from SFDC to Marketo

Question asked by Chris Saporito Expert on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Steven Vanderberg

We have a project in the works that would like to use a SFDC application, CloudCoach project management tool, to trigger emails in Marketo. Our team wants to trigger emails from changes within this project management application, the issue is that the information from the application is not mapped to any contact or account objects.


One of our SFDC developers asked if we could send an API call from SFDC to Marketo that would be used as a trigger for the email to be sent. This seems doable and if so, are we able to pass information in that API call to populate a field? The request is to use the same API call to populate a field or two that would token into the email being triggered.


The business need is to get clients using our product, but sometimes they have not performed required steps to be able to do so. In this case we would like to send the email and token in the missing steps required to get them started. But again, these project objects aren't mapped to contacts or accounts and are't visible to Marketo.