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Need direction on Custom Object Triggers

Question asked by Andrew Cho on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Andrew Cho

Hi everyone!


I am sure there are a lot of other users out there that have come into this problem, I have already searched around and finding it hard to get some more insight as to how to go around it and so I thought as a last resort I would come here to ask for some help


So I understand that by default, you can not trigger off custom object 'Updates' and only by 'Added'

I know that if you are on the Orion Infrastructure you can use this CO update feature. (I am currently getting this investigated) I was just wondering in the mean time, incase there was some reason where we can not upgrade, what is the current solution that people are using to get around it?


Basically I need to trigger a custom object lets say 'Booking Custom Object'

There is a field within this object as 'State' and can change from REQUESTED,DECLINED,ACCEPTED etc.


I simply need to trigger an email when a specific booking has gone from Requested to Accepted or Declined etc.

I had hoped that the 'Added to Bookings Custom Object' feature would also count as an update as it definitely updates the information, but it does not appear in the activity log and therefore I can not trigger.


I apologize if there are plenty of resources available or if this was already answered but I have searched for over a week now for a solution and can't seem to find anything apart from just moving to the Orion Infrastructure.


Any help/insight at all would be much appreciated